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BARE : Balanced and Raw Emotion

Living BARE was conceptualized from a journey back to self love. Self acceptance and communication.  I have always been happiest when working with my hands and helping others. I truly believe that art is therapy.  For me it is creating it, for others it is collecting or just admiring it.  My passion for helping others is pronounced in my work.  Each piece is as unique as my client. They have told me that the process is therapeutic, loving, calming, and accepting. 

I ask my clients to tell me the story of why they chose to do a piece and why that part of their body. 

We have these conversations as we go through the process.  We laugh, we cry and we sometimes just spend the majority of our time together in quiet. We listen to music and just enjoy the process. And at the end, without fail, every time I begin to remove the medium from their bodies, and they see themselves in the purest, rawest form I can physically see love and acceptance. This is one of my most favorite times....invoking Raw Emotion.

When I am working on your piece, a candle is lit and music is playing.  The only thoughts that organically run through my head is your story; and our time together. Every layer, every stroke of sanding is you, your story and why you chose to commission a piece. The finished product is 100% you.  I am just the vessel in which you received it. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about Living BARE! 

Live and Love Bare,


If you have any questions, or would like to commission a piece, please

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