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Ashlie Megrichian. I'm a mom, artist, lover of the human form and have a wanderlust soul .

I find it only fair to share with you my story, since hearing yours is the biggest part of creating your art. 

The first time I took a casting off of myself I saw ME.  Myself the rawest, purest form.  Not made up, not clothed, not perfect.... stripped.  Just the outline of me, every imperfection coming through.  And in that moment, I fell in love.

I fell in love with the woman I had lost.  The woman that I tucked away to fit the mold of what was expected.  In that moment I took myself back.

As I built layer by layer over the next month I learned to cherish a body that carried my son for 9 months, give thanks and love to the breasts that nurtured him and no longer looked perky.  To give thanks that I am healthy and capable of molding my life to what I want, just as I mold and transform the material beneath my hands.

When I finished that piece and hung it on the wall facing my bed, I sat there and just quietly thought to myself, "Ashlie, you are beautiful and strong and unstoppable."  There are days that I feel none of that, until I open my eyes and see that sculpture facing my bed and I remember to live my life, BARE.

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