BARE Thoughts

And just like that, breathing is easy again.

This was a very hard week. Keeping myself balanced was trying and exhausting. Even when I tried to tap into my mantra of ‘just breath’ I couldn’t, or it would just last long enough to get through a task, barely .

My mind ran ramped, my body felt off, nothing was clear.

And then today I drug myself out of bed and went to the gym per normal. Today felt different. I felt myself return to my body, I was walking taller, my body was stronger, my mind began to clear and I could breath.

By the time I left I was back in my body. The one that I’m familiar with, the one that is light and sees the world through love. I am so happy to have her back. Just another lesson from my soul, all things need rest, all moments are cherished, even the ones that teach you lessons. You can never know the true meaning of peace if you don’t go through the turmoil.

I am so incredibly grateful for a few amazing humans that are in my life. They help to guide and balance me through the moments that I need it, and the most beautiful part is, it’s done without even knowing.

So, be patient with yourself, be vulnerable to the lessons you are faced with and cherish the ones close to you that hold space for growth.

Live and Love BARE ~Ash

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