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January 4th - FEAR or F***ING CELEBRATION

It’s a little chilly out here this morning 60° ~ feels amazing! Crisp and clean like a fresh day with new beginnings ~change.

We are only on day four of the new year and my small corner of the world is shifting as the plates of my life are altered. I remember that in order to have ‘new’ I must release the old. Whether it’s removed for me, or I make the conscious effort to remove it myself.

I am working on getting out of my own way. So often I am recognizing the block I’m up against is my own mind. This next line is hard to write, however it will be the most powerful in order to do the work.


(For me)

A while back this was brought to my attention, when I obtain or reach my goal there is a fear that it will be taken from me, if I never reach it, I can’t lose it.

I know this stems as far back as I can remember. And that is where the work begins.

Once it was brought to my attention, and I excepted it, I have been putting in more work than you can imagine. Laying seeds and restructuring thoughts that I need in order to stay mentally healthy during this process.

There has been a lot of shedding and I mean a lot, it has been beautiful…. And full of tears and frustration.

I had a conversation about this again the other day with a close friend. The more work you put in, no matter how uncomfortable it is the greater the reward.

I can feel success on the mountain top, I know what it smells like, looks like and taste like. I know that it is mine

*If you find it hard to talk w someone, write it out.

The power of pen to paper and seeing your words, written by your hands, from your thoughts is very therapeutic.


~Live and Love BARE

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