January 5th - WTH WAS THAT!?

OMGOSH!! Day 5 and the Universe is working full speed w my healing.

When was the last time you just broke down and cried? I’m talking uncontrollably even when you try to stop your body, mind refused, you just need to release.

Our bodies can only hold so much. We tend to think it can continue to internally take emotions in without ever hitting capacity.

It can’t. It begins to feel heavy and overwhelmed.

Sometimes the gym helps, usually all the time. Climbing helps to not focus on anything else, but neither of those make space in my soul, body or mind for more.

Think about how you feel after the cry. Tired, hungry, lighter, clear?

If you can’t remember, then I believe it has been too long.

I did not remember

Last night something was said to me, nothing bad, very loving actually. And I lost it.

I tried to hold it back, but it was no use. Finally I gave in. Finally I did not have to be strong in that moment. I did not care. I was safe. I allowed my body to just crumble and release.

This happened several times through the night at the oddest of times. I just gave myself permission to feel and experience what it needed to.

Later that night I slept like a baby.

My body still feels like it is in a euphoric state.

Completely at peace and ready to serve me again.

~ Live and Love BARE.

**please remember, I am always here. Should you ever need to just be heard….

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