BARE thoughts

This photo is standing in the same exact place at the same exact moment in time.

To my left is serene, calm, beautiful, peaceful.

To my right is turmoil, fast paced, chaotic, loud, yet still beautiful.

This is life. At any moment in time, you can experience calm and serene or loud and chaotic. It just depends on where we choose to look, where to put our attention and focus.

Life is dynamic and amazing. It is filled with growth and stagnation. Love and sadness. The known and unknown. A home filled with love and one with emptiness and quiet. In every situation is hope and opportunity.

Every situation gives us free will to learn and grow. Standing in the exact same space in time, you don’t have to wait for the perfect moment to present itself.

You are IN IT just look to the left.

~Live and Love BARE

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