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Your Voice Loud and Clear

Have you ever wanted to shout to the heavens so much that it made you shake inside?  Do you have something you would like to express without judgement or fear? Who are you unmasked and raw without labels?  Who are you in the quiet of the day, in the dark of the night, when it's just you and your thoughts.  What makes you tick?  Tell me! I want to know,

I want to hear your voice, read your words and support who you are.

This is your space. Your space to voice yourself with balanced and raw emotions. 


E-mail me at and I will repost your message here anonymously. 


Please note .... I will not repost anything racial or derogatory. 

Your Words and I Thank You for Sharing Them Here

...Oh The imperfect stories are the ones that make us so interesting and strong, 

They are the ones that set us apart from the rest and make us magical beings that have learned, grown and mastered the ability to overcome obstacles that turn into peace and understanding. 

Give thanks to your growth and honor your journey... it's a beautiful one. 

Doing what I preach. 

The other day I was asked a question.

“What would you do with pure financial freedom and no limitations?”

What would your life look like?

Not what you would do for others, because that answer came easy to me, and it’s the one I originally gave. It was diving in to the depths of MY soul, MY being of who I AM and what I WANT for MY life.

This took me a bit to answer, as I never thought about what my freedom would look like. After some time, this is what I wrote.

And then I cried.

And now I read it every day to remind me of my life that is to come.

I would take a solid year off with my son and hike all the places he has been over the years.  I would go to the retreats on my bucket list. I would get back to rock climbing and push my boundaries again like I once did.  Down the road I would be the best, craziest, carefree grandma with all the travel and adventures. I would have a huge loft in the city that was basically an art studio with a few beds and a kitchen.  I would roller skate through the house and have dance parties. I would live like this because I have put in the work to JUST LIVE and BREATH.  I would be FREE….

~ME 47

This is an excerpt from a beautiful soul who took me on journey of her life and growth into the woman she is today.  The following is a paragraph that sang to me.

"At 53, I am finding my way back to that ten year old girl, but with so much more knowledge on self love and peace in my heart. As I look in hindsight now, I see my life path so clearly! I feel that need at a young age to be a free spirit and to be on my own my entire life with no family, was just my desire as a child to be ME. Not the spitting image of my mom, not the pretty girl for someone to drape on their arm. I just wanted to be seen as who I thought I was, just as every single person on this earth does.


Who am I? I am love. I am a dancer. I am soulful. I am kind. I LOVE to laugh. I love to give. I love to read. I love my family and friends. I am me! I am enough!"

~Female 53

"I'm pretty much of a person that wears their emotions on their sleeve and tells it like it is.  That being said though after reading your post you inspired me to analyze myself much deeper than I ever thought of before.  I find it odd for myself to even have this thought process.  I'm just not wired that way.  Maybe its because I turned 50 last week and it''s hitting now.  Its funny how a simple post opened my eyes a little wider to look into myself.  I just want to thank you for that."

~ Male 50

" I wish that I was able to get some people to understand who I really am.  There is a handful that still see me as a helpless little girl. I am far from that.  I am strong, powerful and have a mind of my own, even if others do not want to accept that. I find that I live two lives.  One out in the world that others look up to and respect, even follow; and then the one my past sees. That one is quiet and reserved.  Because when I speak up I'm looked at like I have 5 heads.  One day I will muster the strength to break free."

~Female 37

"I love to feel sexy.  Like really sexy. I enjoy walking down the street and getting attention form people. I like talking and flirting with people and having their attention.  But I do not like to be touched. I do not like the intimacy of touching and I do not know why."

~Female 43

I received an amazing letter today, a very candid letter. I have pulled a few key sections that I believe we can all relate to on some level.  


"… The problem with so much thinking, which I often get lost in over several cups of coffee and a hypnotic trance brought on by looking outside at the trees, is THAT is where it begins and ends…and there is often nothing to show for so much kinetic (potential) thought. Unrealized potential is a tragic and sad thing…"


"…getting back to my alleged high-functioning persona… Through tears, I described to my sisters my dilemma that has haunted me my entire life. For whatever they see me accomplish, great as it may be in their outside assessment, I know, deep inside, that I could’ve accomplished 4-5 times as much in my life as I have. It is all inside; it has always been there. Unfortunately, I have allowed myself (or have been, in essence “handicapped” in my misunderstanding of how I work and how to break my bad habits) to live my life in a ratio of 4 parts thought and 1 part action. How I long to get to an equal ratio of thought and action, or possibly even more action. The good news is I have finally discovered a few tools that are allowing me to tip the scales. It is coincidental (or is it?) that I made this recent discovery just prior to me writing this…"


"…We can get inspired and feel “changed” inside, but unless we bridge the gap between thought and action, we will spend hours and decades “looking at trees” and will have lost precious time to fulfill our purposes and bring peace to what we not only know inside we can do, but what we know

we genuinely want to do."

~Male 54

"I'm writing from a place of confusion.  I am not sure where I see myself.  I always just wanted to follow my career and become a successful Lawyer. Now, I just want children and a family.  I am afraid of disappointing the people who have supported me thus far. How do I live for myself?" 

~Female 32

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